Alumni Association

Alumni Association Offices change every three years. Please see the contact us page for present offices.

On February 25, 2001 another great milestone in our fraternity's history took place by order of Joe Scerbo, Evan Kaltman, Ron Pesta, Earl Suchocki, Steve Black, and Stephen Wood; the re-activation of the alumni association.

The officers of the Alumni Association are as follows:

President - Christopher Frank F05

Vice-President - Kevin Cuer S07

Treasurer - Ron Pesta F68

Sgt. at Arms - Christopher Tomasso S05

Chaplain - Eric Osborne S99

Active-Alumni Advisor - Steven Snaider F10

Secretary - Steve Pinell F10

Webmaster - Stephen Wood S94

Historian - Scott Iak F82

The purpose and mission of the Alumni Association is:

To provide the means of communication necessary in order for the Brothers of Kappa Sigma Epsilon to maintain an active involvement with each other beyond the college years.

The annual collection of Alumni dues and the responsibility of organizing the formal event known as the "KSE Reunion Ball". This function will take place during the later half of the sixth month of every third year.

There is much work to be done, we need all the help we can get. Our time is limited much like yours please help us, help you. We look forward to the June 2011 reunion and hope to see you all there, we'll be contacting each and everyone of you soon.

Per Spiritum Et Sodoliteri,

The Alumni Association